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How We Can Help Promote Your Business

There are a variety of ways a gift basket can help your business.  Like the old saying goes…“It’s easier to keep a customer, than it is to get a new one”.  That philosophy is why gift baskets are so popular.  It’s a perfect and easy way to solve most gift giving dilemmas.

Think about it…

Q) What can you send to a group of people, either in an office setting or any gathering, that they can all enjoy at the same time?  A)A gift basket.

Q) What can you send to someone that you don’t know that well, and still  impress with a variety of items that are our best sellers?  A)A gift basket.

Q) What can you send to a family and will undoubtedly please all ages? A)A gift basket.

Q) What gift can you send that  is so versatile that is appropriate for get well wishes, birthdays, new office congratulations or thoughts of sympathy? A)A gift basket.

Q)What can you send that will tell them that you are thinking about them, when you are so busy that you don’t even have the time to think about much of anything, and one call to us takes care of everything? A)A gift basket.

Below, you will see the many ways we help our clients so that their companies will become and stay successful.  See if any of these ideas can help you make your customers appreciate you as much as you appreciate them.

A Valued Customer/Client: A gourmet basket is an easy way to complete your corporate holiday gift giving. Say “Thank You” to a valued customer with a gift basket. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered.

Referral Appreciation: Send a gift basket to a special individual or an entire office. A little acknowledgment goes a long way.

Employee Recognition: Show your appreciation to a loyal and hard working employee or group to boost moral at the office. Celebrate the arrival of a new baby, offer condolences or send get well wishes. A gourmet basket is a superb way to show you care. We have a gift basket for any occasion.

Real Estate Sales/Financing: For new homes or financing…show your gratitude and encourage repeat business with a gift basket delivered to your clients new home.

Raffles: Raffle baskets at trade show, sales conferences, promotional campaigns and business meeting are an enjoyable way of promoting your cause while making things interesting and fun.

Donations: Donating a gift basket to a charity event is a wonderful way to support the community while promoting your company’s good name.

Hotel Conference Welcome: A tastefully wrapped gift basket is a warm and welcoming way to greet your guests.

Any other ideas you have? Let us know what we could do you for you!  Ask for Lisa.

New Site, New Products, New Prices!

I’m back…yes, I know, I haven’t been around for a while, but we just finished overhauling our site and products, so I figured that we would also get back into this blog.

Life gets in the way…weeks turn into months and months turn into years.  Before you know it, 2 years have passed and you didn’t even notice.  I think my last blog post was in 2015?  I know, I know…but hey, I’ve been busy.  Just take a look at all the new gift baskets and you’ll understand why I’ve been a little preoccupied.

First, we designed new baskets like the many chocolate and candy baskets, and platters. Then we decided it was time to make our site mobile responsive…and while we did that, we gave our site a fresh new look and simplified the checkout process and other little things that most people take for granted when they are working properly.  While it was frustrating (I swear, we have computer gremlins), it was also fun in a challenging way. I learned so much and also learned a bunch of things I never want to do again.  But all in all, it was a rewarding experience.  And now, I’m stoked to get back into adding little bits of myself and this company into this blog.

So, take a look around at our new site, sign up for our newsletters (to get coupons), and keep us in mind for the next time you may need a gift. See you soon! Lisa

Check Out Our Monthly Contests!

This summer, we decided to run a contest each month. We call them “Riddle Me This”. So far, we have had a lot of fun coming up with riddles that don’t require too much thinking (& precious time), but aren’t necessarily easy either.

The “Riddle” for July was…
Jack is standing behind Max and Max is standing behind Jack. This doesn’t seem possible but it is. How?

The prize was a Nostalgic Toy Gift Box
contest prizess 016 copy

The “Riddle” for August was…
How many triangles (one or more segments) can you count in this image? PerceptualPuzzle09

The prize for this contest was an Apple Paper Gift Basket
contest prizes 005 newsletter copy

Maria A. won July’s Contest and Steve B. won the Contest in August.

The next contest will be out on Sept 15th, so stop over and check it out and try to win the next gift basket.

Enter on the “Contest” Link on our Homepage.
The next contest will end September 30th, 2015
Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries
& notified by email on Oct 1st & announced in our next newsletter.

Enjoy September!

July-They are standing back to back

Gift Baskets Are The Perfect Hostess Gift

Summertime…Bar-B-Ques, Parties, Get-togethers…whatever you call them, there are a lot that happen in the summer. Kids are off from school and we’re all taking things a little easier, enjoying the weather and hanging out with friends and family.

Bringing a Hostess gift is always the right thing to do, we know it, but sometimes you just don’t know what to bring. Many of our gift baskets are perfect for just this purpose. You don’t have to bring over a large gift basket (unless you really want to) because it’s really the thought that counts. Showing up with with a modest gift is a really nice gesture and any of our gift baskets can be in any price range you need. Many of them start at $39.95 on line, but if you call us directly, we can easily make you a gift basket for $19.95, $24.95 or $29.95. Since we custom make every gift basket, it’s no problem to make them in any size you wish.

new baskets 828 copy

This Gourmet Goody Basket is a popular “any occasion” gift. So the next time you are visiting friends and family, take along a fun filled baskets packed with treats. They’ll really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Enjoy your summer!

Mother’s Day is coming!

Great Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day!

You can send a basket filled with an assortment of sweets…

baskets for her 067

or a little seagrass tote with Scented Lotions, Soaps & Talc in Rose, Lavender or Passion Flower scents…

baskets for her 034 copy copy

or a springy light green tin with Garden Soap, Lotion & Body Scrub in refreshing scents like Lemon Verbena & Camomile & Honey…

baskets for her 005 copy copy

or a pretty ceramic mug or tea cup, with teas, truffles, jams, chocolates & cookies in a pretty matching gift box…

baskets for her 080 copy

Any Mom would love any one of these baskets!

Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Why not send a gift basket full of sweets & chocolates instead of flowers? Or, full of pretty gifts? Flowers are nice…but, in my opinion, ordinary and cliche. Flowers are a nice gift as a way to surprise a loved one for no reason, but for Valentine’s Day they lack imagination. Sure, they’re what is expected, but wouldn’t it be nice to send something that is different? Something that is not expected? Something that can be really enjoyed?…not just looked at on the counter? Unless you spend a ton of money on the top of the line roses (and I mean a ton of money), you’ll be buying roses that don’t last very long, don’t open all the way and have no rosey aroma. Many people blame themselves for not taking care of them correctly, but there is nothing anyone can do to make “Valentine’s Day” roses act like a quality rose. They are harvested way too early and are imported from rose farms that grow hybrid roses. Sure, these have a larger head, and they are taller, but for these traits, the growers forfeit other important qualities, like how beautifully they can bloom and how wonderfully they could smell. This I know from being a floral designer for many years.

My solution? Buy 1 rose and attach it to a beautiful gift basket filled with sweets or pretty scented gifts. Perfect!

valentines 2015 013 copy

Gift baskets are also a great way to remember your Mom on Valentine’s Day. Seriously…send something small to your Mom. She’d be so thrilled…and when thinking of a gift for Mother’s Day? Scrap the flowers too.

New Commercial

Our new commercial is now airing on News 12 Long Island. It airs several times a day, so keep a look out for it.

We are featuring our new baskets for the fall season and touching on the Holiday baskets to come.

We had a sponsorship slot for the first half of the year, and while that was exciting to see, a commercial is definitely better.

If you see the commercial, please give us a call and let us know. Thanks!!

If you want to take a look at it, here is our You Tube link:

Buzy Preparing For The Holidays

Even though summer is a time to relax, it’s also a time to gear up for the holidays…and the start of the holidays, to us, is Thanksgiving. It’s the official start and without it, the holidays just wouldn’t be the same.

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to send a gift basket. It’s an ideal gift to bring with you when visiting and even better if your plans don’t allow you to visit friends and family this year.

We create such beautiful baskets for fall…with seasonal treats and foods, or with scented potpourrie and soaps. They’re so pretty, they probably won’t want to open them. Just take a look at the gift basket below. Would you rip into that right away?…probably not.
new baskets 865 copy

We have an amazing soap company that has the most beautifully wrapped scented soaps and lotions. We have their everyday lines; Rosewater & Jasmine, Lavender Chamomile & Passion Flower & Olive Oil, but the fall scented lines are just my favorite. Harvest Apple & Spiced Pumpkin. The paper wrapping is just so pretty. Take a look…
items 1476

You can purchase these separately in the “Gifts Under $25” page or have them combined in a basket with Cinnamon Potpourri.

items 1490
This quality potpourrie comes with a bottle of refresher oil too.

What a great gift to send to your friends and family for Thanksgiving, or to bring with you when visiting.

These are also great House Warming gifts, Birthday gifts, even Get Well gifts. If you need a gift, a gift basket is a splendid idea.

Summer is finally here!

I have to say that this spring has been pleasant…not to hot, not to rainy…just right, for me anyway. We were very busy with all the spring holidays; Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Teacher Appreciation (not really a holiday, but it still keeps us busy).

Now that all the spring bustle is over, it’s time to relax…or is it? For us, summer is the time to prepare for the biggest of all holidays…Christmas. That’s the time when everyone sends gifts of appreciation and love to friends, family and business associates, so we need a lot of time to get ready.

The beautiful catalogs have been arriving for about a month now. There are so many new and exciting products to choose from. Pretty holiday confections, gorgeous gifts and really scrumptious gourmet treats.

We’re also designing our holiday baskets and gift packages, taking photos and getting ready to post them on our website in the Holidays link. Here’s a little preview of one of our Italian Specialty Baskets.All B 0.2 Christmas 2014 016

We also will have new gift basket designs for fall and Thanksgiving.

So stay tuned for all the exciting things to come.

Happy a happy summer!