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There are a variety of ways a gift basket can help your business.  Like the old saying goes…“It’s easier to keep a customer, than it is to get a new one”.  That philosophy is why gift baskets are so popular.  It’s a perfect and easy way to solve most gift giving dilemmas.

Think about it…

Q) What can you send to a group of people, either in an office setting or any gathering, that they can all enjoy at the same time?  A)A gift basket.

Q) What can you send to someone that you don’t know that well, and still  impress with a variety of items that are our best sellers?  A)A gift basket.

Q) What can you send to a family and will undoubtedly please all ages? A)A gift basket.

Q) What gift can you send that  is so versatile that is appropriate for get well wishes, birthdays, new office congratulations or thoughts of sympathy? A)A gift basket.

Q)What can you send that will tell them that you are thinking about them, when you are so busy that you don’t even have the time to think about much of anything, and one call to us takes care of everything? A)A gift basket.

Below, you will see the many ways we help our clients so that their companies will become and stay successful.  See if any of these ideas can help you make your customers appreciate you as much as you appreciate them.

A Valued Customer/Client: A gourmet basket is an easy way to complete your corporate holiday gift giving. Say “Thank You” to a valued customer with a gift basket. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered.

Referral Appreciation: Send a gift basket to a special individual or an entire office. A little acknowledgment goes a long way.

Employee Recognition: Show your appreciation to a loyal and hard working employee or group to boost moral at the office. Celebrate the arrival of a new baby, offer condolences or send get well wishes. A gourmet basket is a superb way to show you care. We have a gift basket for any occasion.

Real Estate Sales/Financing: For new homes or financing…show your gratitude and encourage repeat business with a gift basket delivered to your clients new home.

Raffles: Raffle baskets at trade show, sales conferences, promotional campaigns and business meeting are an enjoyable way of promoting your cause while making things interesting and fun.

Donations: Donating a gift basket to a charity event is a wonderful way to support the community while promoting your company’s good name.

Hotel Conference Welcome: A tastefully wrapped gift basket is a warm and welcoming way to greet your guests.

Any other ideas you have? Let us know what we could do you for you!  Ask for Lisa.

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