Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Why not send a gift basket full of sweets & chocolates instead of flowers? Or, full of pretty gifts? Flowers are nice…but, in my opinion, ordinary and cliche. Flowers are a nice gift as a way to surprise a loved one for no reason, but for Valentine’s Day they lack imagination. Sure, they’re what is expected, but wouldn’t it be nice to send something that is different? Something that is not expected? Something that can be really enjoyed?…not just looked at on the counter? Unless you spend a ton of money on the top of the line roses (and I mean a ton of money), you’ll be buying roses that don’t last very long, don’t open all the way and have no rosey aroma. Many people blame themselves for not taking care of them correctly, but there is nothing anyone can do to make “Valentine’s Day” roses act like a quality rose. They are harvested way too early and are imported from rose farms that grow hybrid roses. Sure, these have a larger head, and they are taller, but for these traits, the growers forfeit other important qualities, like how beautifully they can bloom and how wonderfully they could smell. This I know from being a floral designer for many years.

My solution? Buy 1 rose and attach it to a beautiful gift basket filled with sweets or pretty scented gifts. Perfect!

valentines 2015 013 copy

Gift baskets are also a great way to remember your Mom on Valentine’s Day. Seriously…send something small to your Mom. She’d be so thrilled…and when thinking of a gift for Mother’s Day? Scrap the flowers too.

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