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New Baskets, New Gifts!

Tis the season…to be making Gift Baskets!

We are diligently working on new designs and new gift combos to offer for the holidays.  New gift baskets are being added weekly to our website and old favorites are being updated.

Every year, gourmet food companies come out with new snacks and treats, and refresh the packaging of popular goodies.  Throughout the years, we have stuck with many tried and true items because many customers request their favorites, but there are always new and exciting treats to try out.  Because of this, we are able to create new versions of our gift baskets, while keeping the popular combinations of sweet and savory goodies that make up our best sellers.

O Tannenbaum, Deck The Halls, & Winter Wonderland are examples of redesign:

Sometimes, favorite products become retired, but there is always a exciting product just waiting to take it’s place.  Our Home For The Holidays is a gift basket that is ever changing because it’s filled with seasonal & Christmas treats and those items continue to grow in number.  We are constantly on the lookout for new goodies to add to our designs.  But they also need to be affordable. Many times, we find products that are absolutely beautiful, but then the price isn’t compatible with gift basket designs.  Anyone can create a gift basket, but it takes talent and experience to create a gift basket with quality products that doesn’t cost an exorbitant price, and that also has a beautiful presentation.  Our customers have strict budgets, but they also need their gifts to be impressive, and that’s the service  we offer.

For example…this Peppermint Bark is absolutely delicious and comes in a really nice gift tin.  The price is very reasonable at $5.50, and it would be a wonderful addition to any gift basket, or an individual gift.

These Mokate Cookies are  very buttery and crispy.  They’re probably one of the best butter cookies we have tasted. They are made in Europe and are a very nice addition to our Goody Baskets. Whether for a family or office, they are a favorite of ours, and make up wonderfully in a gift basket.

Docetto Wafer Rolls are also very tasty. They have Chocolate, Vanilla, Tiramisu and Peppermint Chocolate.  They are great with Coffee, Tea & Cocoa.  These crispy filled wafer rolls are really good and very reasonably priced. We love these and they are popular with our customers.

Of course, there are too many items to show here, but…our customers have to choice to Build Your Own Basket Online, and there, can see the assortment of Confections, Snacks & Beverages we have to offer.

The nice thing about receiving a gift basket is that it is filled with items people generally don’t buy for themselves, so it really is a treat when someone receives one, and many times, discover a new favorite sweet treat.

Stay tuned for more exciting products to show up on our site, as we are receiving new products daily!

Thanks for visiting us!

Lisa~The Gift Basket Lady


Thinking About Your Holiday Gift List?…

That’s where we can help!  We’ll help you tackle that list by suggesting an appropriate gift basket for your budget,  pack it up and deliver where you want it to go.

Many of our holiday gift baskets are already on our website, and some are still being created..awaiting for new and exciting products to arrive.

The Season’s Greeting Gourmet is a combination of sweets and snacks and is one of our more popular gift baskets.

Beside our specific Holiday gift baskets, any of our gift basket designs can be decorated for the holidays.  Whether you want the basket to look “Christmassy” or simply “Seasonal”…all product pages allow you to choose how you want your gift basket decorated.

We also create gift baskets that are filled with Christmas goodies:

Home For The Holidays is a fun wire house catch-all basket filled with holiday goodies for the entire family to enjoy.

Another popular gift is the Holiday Gourmet Board

This years version…soon to be released…will have gourmet flavored cheese spreads, gourmet crackers, nut mixes, savory dip mixes, salmon pate, sparkling cider, Amaretto preserves to serve over cream cheese, crunchy cheese sticks, pretzels with mustard dip, and foccachia crisps.  Stay tuned…

Another favorite is our So Good Gift Tins!  They are affordable and a great alternative to a larger gift basket:  These Gift Tins come in 12 different combinations to suit all tastes.  Chocolates, candies, cookies, brownies, truffles, nut mixes, chocolate dipped pretzels and jumbo rice crispy treats. These Gift Tins start at $22.50!

Shop early for the best selection! We will reserve baskets on a first come basis even if you order in  early November for December delivery.

Happy shopping!

New Commercial

Our new commercial is now airing on News 12 Long Island. It airs several times a day, so keep a look out for it.

We are featuring our new baskets for the fall season and touching on the Holiday baskets to come.

We had a sponsorship slot for the first half of the year, and while that was exciting to see, a commercial is definitely better.

If you see the commercial, please give us a call and let us know. Thanks!!

If you want to take a look at it, here is our You Tube link: