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Gift Baskets made Easy-Vol 1



Welcome To Our New “How To” Videos: Gift Baskets Made Easy!

We are putting together”How To Make Gift Baskets” videos…and loving it!  We have started with a Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket, just in time for Valentine’s Day.   This video gives you ideas and inspiration to make your own gift basket for Valentine’s Day.  But feel free to call us and let us make one for you.

It was a lot of fun making this first (of many) video.  We struggled a bit with getting our ideas across in a limited timed format.  People are busy…they don’t have time to watch lengthy videos, and we certainly understand that.  We wanted to make a video with the basics, but at the same time not bore you creative types with the minutia of little details that you already got a hang of.

If you want to make a gift basket yourself, we hope that this video helps you create something beautiful.  If you feel you may need help, give us a call and we can offer up advice or make the gift basket for you. We deliver and ship also.

We hope this video answered some questions, gave you inspiration and the confidence in attempting to create your own personalize gift basket.


Good Luck and Have Fun!~!